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Directions by Train

When travelling by train, please use the travel service offered by Deutsche Bahn. Just type in your starting location, set date along with other details on your journey to get to "Uni Ost, Kaiserslautern" as destination. The provided train schedule will also incorporate a subsequent bus transfer from "Hauptbahnhof" to bus stop "Uni Ost" involving bus line 105 or 115, respectively.

DB Travel Service

Once arrived at bus stop "Uni Ost", please follow the subsequent directions to get to the MMB&DFT 2012 conference center as illustrated below.

  • head down "Gottlieb-Daimler-Stra├če" passing a high cylindrical building numbered "47" to the right (see cyan path)
  • after 60 m take stairs up on the left-hand side
  • keeping to the right follow the path about 100 m towards a parking area
  • cross the parking area facing bulding "56"
  • veer toward building "58" while keeping to the left of bulding "56"
  • after 70 m turn right now facing bulding "57"
  • walk another 70 m passing a metall sculpture towards a round building construction aka "Rotunde"

Directions from bus stop "Uni Ost" to "Rotunde"

Also, feel free to use the MMB&DFT 2012 guide map to find pictorial directions of that 3 min walkway to the conference center situated in the foyer of building 57 at the University of Kaiserslautern.

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